50 Winners in Wendy’s & Coca Cola Sweet Escape

In honor of Wendy’s 50th Anniversary the Wendy’s and Coca Cola “Sweet Escape Promotion” awarded 50 lucky customers with cash and the gift of travel.  Giveaways ranged from a minimum prize value of $300 to $5,000 cash for 50 upgrade customers. It is the first of the bi annual promotions to include medium and large combo upgrades. Giving more loyal customers a chance to win this summer.

Customers who upgraded at Wendy’s had a chance to win anywhere from a $300 travel voucher to spend on air fare, a cruise, hotel or car to a $500 MasterCard gift card and $1,500 cash to splurge at their leisure. As the weeks climaxed towards the anticipated grand finale there were weekly happy hours.  At happy hour customers who upgraded to either a medium or large combo could spin to win awesome promotional items and Coca Cola limited addition Bahamian glasses.

Four customers make it to the grand finale!  Dellarese Pinder, Latholeo Winder, Teshon Adderley and fast track finalist Cordelle Taylor were all stunned as they have never won anything substantial before.  Ms. Taylor, the most unexpected of them all only came to purchased lunch two hours before she was pulled into the grand finale. Mrs. Pinder, Mr. Winder, Ms. Taylor and Ms. Adderley each won $5,000 cash, A Sweet Escape Trip for 4, $1,500 cash and $500 cash respectively.

Impeccable timing for top winners. Before entering, Mrs. Pinder held and prayed over her receipt for a week before dropping it into the entry bottle. Organizers of the promotion then understood why the receipt was so faded. The timing could not be better as she was interested in purchasing a home to surprise her family. As for Mr. Winder, he was getting married the following week! The Sweet Escape trip became a honeymoon for him and his soon to be wife. They were also able to take along two others to help them enjoy a 4 day/ 3night all-expense paid trip.


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