50 Winners in Wendy's & Coca Cola Sweet Escape

In honor of Wendy’s 50th Anniversary the Wendy’s and Coca Cola “Sweet Escape Promotion” awarded 50 lucky customers with cash and the gift of travel. ¬†Giveaways ranged from a minimum prize value of $300 to $5,000 cash for 50 upgrade customers. It is the first of the bi annual promotions to include medium and large combo upgrades. Giving more loyal customers a chance to win this summer. [ see more ]

We are for our community...

The foundation of Wendy’s long-term success includes core values that we embrace every day in our restaurants and restaurant support centers around the world.

Wendy’s core values, including “Quality is our Recipe,” “Do the Right Thing” and “Give Something Back,” were created by our founder Dave Thomas more than 40 years ago. They are timeless guideposts for us all.

Consistent with these values, we believe it is our responsibility to focus on Wendy’s business success, while at the same time caring for our customers, employees, communities and the world around us.

Our community involvement has been particularly focused on children, on their potential, and on helping them develop that potential through enhanced education opportunities, into the realization of their dreams; whatever those might be.
We’re proud of our two main education-based initiatives: the “Mission:Educate Bahamas” foundation, featuring “TuneIn To Reading,” and the “Wendy’s & Coca Cola Bright Minds, Bright Future Scholarship Program.

We anticipate that these long serving programs will allow Wendy’s Bahamas to make a real and lasting difference for thousands of children throughout The Bahamas for decades to come.



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